In early 2016 AO LIMITED released its first Limited, Cut & Sew hats to the World.  AO LIMITED's online store and various PoP Up Shops quickly captured the attention of Customers looking for something Different, Unique and Limited to wear and collect. 

The small "Limited" quantity and Patterns offered by AO LIMITED grabbed the attention of Customers from all ages and backgrounds. Over the years AO LIMITED established itself as a brand known for its Limited edition, Unique, Cut & Sew, Style and Authenticity. AO LIMITED has expanded from its New York City origins into a Global Community. As we grow our product line from Apparel to Paintings and much more, its goal is to stay true to its "Limited" name and continue to offer the same Unique rare products that helped Gravitate Customers to us from the start.

 AO (commonly known by his birth name, Justin) is an American rapper, Visual artist, Record producer, and Fashion designer from Brooklyn, New York.